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what its gonna be [23 Oct 2006|12:35am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

ok, heres how it is. i want to make my journal friends only from now on, but the only way i can seem to figure out how is to set the secutiry level for each entry that i write. tell me there is a way to just set it so all entries are friends only. sure i guess making it friends only doesnt mean anything but nobody reads this anyways and i want to keep it more private. not that i say much of interest in here but still. if you know how to do this. tell me. k thanks.

in other news, my fantasy football team rolls its way to 7-0. also im still the highest scoring team. i guess i cant really ask for much more than that.

awful day at work today. awful day for my real football team. im tired and kinda grumpy. i ate like a fat piggie today. i really have nothing to talk about. gimme 29 more days. i will entertain those of you who read this.

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getting there is getting by [14 Oct 2006|01:56am]
[ mood | flirty ]

this is my first entry as a 23 year old. the next one probably wont come for another week and a half or so. seems thats how long i go between entries.

i am down to 39 days, and since today is almost over, its safe to say 38 days. im starting to get cabin fever a bit. getting a little antsy. but hey, you would too. it will be nice to have this behind me.

i work too much, and after im back to normal my work life better cut down a little bit. no way im putting in 80 hours all the time, although overtime was a nice little bonus on my check. too bad overtime pay for me is like 4.50 an hour haha.

fantasy football rules. i check the league too often though. its not like baseball. i dont need to log in three times a day. but i do. i need something to do with my life.

i got madden 2007 which i havent opened yet. i need to play the super bowl in my 06 franchise before i delete it and start anew in 07. i also got x-men 3 and v for vendetta on dvd.

i really cant wait to go on a date. maybe you will come with me.

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50 days and 50 nights [02 Oct 2006|07:10pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

something like that until my life gets back to normal. thats reason to get excited.

the baseball regular season is over and the playoffs will go on without my beloved atlanta braves. this is the first braves-less october i will experience since i was 8 years old. crazy isnt it? speaking of old, i will turn 23 on thursday. remember that kids.

so with the end of the baseball season my first year of fantasy baseball ended as well. i finished 2nd out of 9. i was in the lead most of the way down the stretch and then collapsed the last three days to finish 2.5 points out. oh well. still a good year. i think 6 people that i drafted remained on my team at the end of the year. carl crawford, michael young, roy oswalt, lance berkman, paul konerko and rich harden (plus harden spent most of the year on the DL).

my fantasy football team has moved to 4-0 along with nicks. one of the two of us has to lose at some point. and i hope its not me. i also just signed up for fantasy basketball. first time i will give it a go with that. should be interesting since im not as knowledgable in NBA as i am in NFL and MLB.

i guess thats really all i have for now. the eagles are on in roughly 75 minutes. that and papa johns will make up my night. mmm....pizza.

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you're just as boring as everyone else [19 Sep 2006|12:29am]
[ mood | recumbent ]

nine more weeks kiddos. its coming.

my fantasy football team so far is 2-0 and i am the highest scoring team in the league. so far, so good. but the season is young. my eagles SHOULD be 2-0 but somehow they blew a 17 point 4th quarter lead yesterday. i still cant understand how they did that. plus now jevon kearse is out for the year. fuckity fuck fuck. back to fantasy, and to baseball, i am still holding down first place with the season nearing its end. i have a feeling i may be very upset there ISNT money riding on this thing. cheap bastards.

my living room is being redone, i may have mentioned that here or somewhere else, but its being redone. i wonder what it will look like when its finished.

the other day was jess's birthday and im just glad she liked what i did for her. making her happy is a gift in its own.

i feel like i ate a lot today but i kinda feel like i want more food. however, its late and fatty's should not eat late if they dont want to be fatty's anymore. (note, a girl at work today told me i was skinny when i offered her wings since i wasnt going to eat them all, that ruled, however i am still not skinny)

i guess thats really all ive got for now. just a little update to let you all know i am alive really.

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NFL capsules [07 Sep 2006|05:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well here we are kids, as promised here are my 2006 NFL predictions. It took me a little longer than I thought to post them, but I got them in just in time. Kickoff is a mere 3 ½ hours away. Who is excited? This guy is. If you could see my pants, you would understand. But without further ado, here we go.
(P.S. I did this in Microsoft Word and it ended up being just a hair under 11 pages long)
(P.P.S. I received my SI with their NFL capsules in it but I did not look at it yet. These are not influenced by any predictions I have seen anywhere else.)

The following will encapsulate my predictions for the way the 2006-2007 NFL season will play out. Read on only if you care about the NFL or want to see just what a sicko I truly am. (Note: Records are being predicted without analysis of team schedules)

NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles 11-5
New York Giants 10-6*
Washington Redskins 10-6
Dallas Cowboys 8-8

NFC North
Chicago 11-5
Minnesota 9-7
Detroit 7-9
Green Bay 5-11

NFC South
Carolina 12-4
Tampa Bay 10-6*
Atlanta 8-8
New Orleans 6-10

NFC West
Seattle 11-5
Arizona 10-6
St. Louis 6-10
San Francisco 3-13

AFC East
Miami 11-5
New England 10-6*
Buffalo 5-11
New York Jets 4-12

AFC North
Pittsburgh 11-5
Baltimore 10-6
Cincinnati 9-7
Cleveland 7-9

AFC South
Indianapolis 12-4
Jacksonville 10-6*
Houston 6-10
Tennessee 4-12

AFC West
Kansas City 10-6
San Diego 10-6
Denver 8-8
Oakland 5-11

*(Denotes Wild Card)

capsules hereCollapse )

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septober [06 Sep 2006|11:57pm]
[ mood | okay ]

stop the presses people. a real journal entry is on its way.

so lets see whats been going on with my life. i have 2 1/1 more months to go until my rebirth into the social world. i cannot wait. im sure you cant either.

my weight loss has leveled off. ive dropped 23 pounds in the last 6-7 months. lets just hope i keep most, if not all, of it off when im drinking again.

im not in school right now which is weird. i spent a day awhile back looking at school that i might be interested in transferring to next fall but i havent looked since then. i guess as of right now the frontrunner would be bloomsburg simply because its away but not too far away, plus i am guaranteed acceptance with a certain GPA from lccc which i do have. so thats good.

i got a new mattress today. is that how you spell it? matress? mattress? either way its big and high off the ground. like twice as high as it was before. now i just need a new bed. but tonight i should hopefully be sleeping on heaven.

my living room is ripped apart. the wallpaper and molding and everything is ripped off. i wonder how long it will stay like that before something new goes up....

i just learned that for new years i should be in atlantic city. apparently chris's parents have a timeshare that needs to be used up which means we will get 4 days in AC in a presidential suite. i would cream my pants. oh yes.

i guess thats really all i have right now. i think. if you want/need a job, come work with me at damons. it could be fun. business has been slow the last week but that happens. come on up kids.

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fantasy update!!! [31 Aug 2006|01:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

this is all about fantasy sports. if you dont care, i suggest you keep scrolling up on your friends page.

quickly in fantasy baseball i have reclaimed the top spot. but for how long....hmm....with liriano and kazmir on the DL,(kazmir was recently released from my team) my top two starters are no longer. i am still lucky enough to have jered weaver, although he has come down to earth a little, roy oswalt, joe blanton, chien mien wang and the recently added matt cain. i also added that mastny guy from cleveland to help me out in saves because brad lidge isnt getting all the chances in houston and eddie guardado is also on the DL(although i do still have jason isringhausen and takashi saito logging saves). guardado is just taking up space because my 2 DL slots are filled with the aforementioned liriano as well as rich harden. hopefully i can keep this pace up though. i think i have a solid lineup to go along with my pitching.

now to fantasy football.

the draft was tuesday night, a 12 team league, and i was blessed to get the exact draft spot i wanted. third. with that slot i was guaranteed one of the three consensus number one picks (ladanian tomlinson, larry johnson or shaun alexander) and i didnt have to choose between them. i got whoever fell into my lap. and that was LT (which is actually who i wouldve taken first overall anyway had i been given the first pick.)the rest of my team is as follows

QB ~ Jake Delhomme, Philip Rivers
RB ~ LT, Warrick Dunn, Frank Gore, Mike Anderson
WR ~ Torry Holt, Roy Williams, Muhsin Muhammad, Michael Clayton, Mark Clayton
TE ~ Ben Watson, Kellen Winslow
K ~ Nate Kaeding, Joe Nedney (i took 2 kickers because Kaeding has an early bye, but i might stick with nedney because im sure the niners will kick a lot of field goals)
DEF ~ Baltimore

i think thats a pretty good squad. im thrilled to have LT. its the first time ive ever had a high pick in a fantasy football league. if there are any weak spots i would say it is wide receiver because most of my picks are based on potential aside from torry holt. but with mike martz and jon kitna in detroit roy williams SHOULD have a monster year. if the bears have a healthy QB whether it be rex grossman or brian griese muhammad should be the number one receiver chicago has lacked in recent years. mark clayton should benefit from having steve mcnair as a QB and if michael clayton can revert back to what he was his rookie year, he will be dangerous.

now for that football preview. well, i forgot about it haha. i still have 11 more teams to do so it should be up in the next few days. definitely before the season starts.

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its about that time [20 Aug 2006|11:33pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

for a journal update!!! wooo!!!

so its been a good two weeks since ive updated. basically, because i have nothing much to speak of.

work was busy last night and today. the double that never ended. i put my 12 1/2 hours in today. ugh. made good money though. lost 20 bucks to joe sharp cuz he fucking ate a spoonful of cinnamon. something i was convinced couldnt be done. he also took 20 bucks off of two other people so he was 60 dollars richer for the feat.

in 22 minutes we hit the 3 month left mark. that means 75% of this crap is done and over with. for those of you who are mathematically inclined, that means 9 months (or a whole pregnancy!) has gone by. get excited kids, the second coming of rich white is upon us.

chocolate milk rules and i need more in my glass. and i need it now.

fantasy football draft in 8 days. thats exciting.

back to the topic of work, lots of people are now leaving for school. this saddens me and increases my work load. if you want a job, come work with me. it will be awesome.

i am exhausted. i am sure i had more i wanted to say in here, but fuck it. i cant remember what it was.

oh, football fans, stay tuned. sometime this week there will be a mega journal update with my predictions for the season. along with a capsule for each of the 32 teams. you can see what i think about your favorite team and then yell at me when you dont like what i said. k im done for now.

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this is pretty much here because i have nothing else to do [06 Aug 2006|10:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well my car is all fixed and crap. except for the trunk and its need for paint. fucking neons....

preseason football started tonight. my iggles looked pretty good on the opening drive. sure its against the raiders but the post TO era ought to be a good one.

im just waiting for the people in my living room to disperse so i can stake my claim to the large tv. its gonna be one of those nights. i can feel it.

my journal entries really are boring arent they? but the last one was about my car, not about movies jess b. liar. you stink.

actually no, you are pretty cool i guess. yeah. i like you a lot. hows that? i mentioned you. now lets just see how long it takes for you to find out....

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and you just dont get it keep it copesetic [28 Jul 2006|10:52pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

so my car was supposed to be inspected in june. since my license is suspended, my parents didnt exactly get around to doing that until about two weeks ago. turns out, it failed inspection because the reverse lights dont work 100% of the time. lame. so it went to get those fixed and that ran me 72 bucks. fuckin gay. so now it goes back for inspection and im spending all this money on it (i needed two new tires....theres roughly 200 bucks) when i cant even drive it for another almost 4 months. ugh. i want my license back.

i want my hat back too. i want the red one. with the furry thing on top.

ha. digger reference. they used to play wilkes barre every other week.

i dont really know what else to put in here. i guess the news about the car was about all thats important. i kinda wanna make out. thats important too. yeah.

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lifes little blurbs [20 Jul 2006|08:29pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

it seems i havent updated in a good two weeks. thats not usually like me. instead of a big block of text, im gonna just write quick blurbs about certain things. i hope this works out in here as well as it has in my head.

tomorrow is the 8 month milestone which means only 4 more to go. thats 2/3 of the way done kids. i also have about 60 hours of community service completed. thats 40 percent of that as well. at my current rate, i should lose the jewelry, regain my drivers license, and go at or around 10 hours of CS left, if any at all, at about the same time. thats good news.

in fantasy baseball i have spent a few days alone in first place and ive fallen back to as low as 4th. i blame this on my rotation issues. 4/6 of my starters have been pitching on the same day. thats no good. im confident i have figured this thing out though.

in real baseball, my braves have been on a tear and just acquired bob wickman to be the closer. while im not sold on wickmans ability (he is 1-4 with an ERA over 4.00 with only 15 saves), he is also 37 years old, a free agent at the end of the year, and has repeatedly talked about retirement. regardless, i hope the georgia peach (thats a joke about his weight, i know, im a funny guy) can stabalize an otherwise shaky bullpen.

danica patrick.....god you are hot.

ive been watching a lot of movies lately, thanks to my friend netflix. however, the life aquatic with steve zissou....was a rather horrible movie. i doubt i would ever consider watching it again. i cant even tell you what its about. i was very disappointed. rounders should arrive at my house tomorrow, or else i will be mad, and i will finally see the movie that helped spawn the poker surge. for how big on poker i am, its amazing i havent yet seen this.

speaking of poker, id love to get a cash game going sometime soon if anyone is interested.

i am expecting some visitors tonight. morgan, chase and ashlee should be here in roughly two hours. has the making of a fun night.

i just finished book 1 in the first book of the lord of the rings trilogy. reading these is going to take a lot longer than i initially anticipated.

since my mind is jumping all over the place, we go back to sports because eagles training camp is upon us. thats right kids. football is just aronnd the corner. dont look now but july is practically over and then its august and BAM september means football. sweet jeebus.

also in the sports world steve nash cut his hair. he now offically looks like an alien. if you dont like the extra terrestial reference, you certainly wont like that he could also pass as someone who has a terminal illness. i feel a little remorseful even saying that.

speaking of things you shouldnt say, lance armstrong apparently got off some good one liners while hosting the espys. most notably the comment to jake gyllanhall (spelling) about his role in brokeback mountain. he asked why jake was sitting in the front because he was under the impression jake liked it in the rear. i laughed.

also on the topic of lance, how about the tour de france is going on. does anyone even know let alone care? since lance isnt involved i would think more people would be interested because its up in the air. someone other than mr. armstrong is going to win this race. perhaps floyd landis. other than him i cant really name anyone. mikhael rasmussen...im not sure where he stands, and where is ivan basso? was he suspended or is he not participating? i dont know.

i think once my contract expires on my cell phone, which is i think 2 or 3 months, i am going to do away with nextel. im tired of paying an arm and a leg for their service. and i dont like the text messaging or lack thereof. it just irritates me.

well, i have kind of hit a roadblock in my mind now about what else to say. so i guess it is time to end this. now to kill time until my visitors arrive.

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happy 4th whoopie! [05 Jul 2006|12:32pm]
[ mood | okay ]

yeah. ok. so the 4th of july to me means partying and going nuts down the beach. this didnt happen this year. instead, i spent the day feeling like garbage, throwing up and all sorts of things like that which i wont get into detail about. awesome. a 4th id like to forget. and oddly enough, due to the sickness, i lost 4 pounds on said 4th of july.

other than that im continuing to do what ive been doing. no biggie. time keeps going by and its good. i have a staggering list of movies on netflix to receive, which rules cuz i didnt know i could think of that many movies i want to see.

a table at work monday night left me a 50 dollar tip. that was pretty awesome. also the biggest tip ive ever had. granter their check was like 302 bucks, but that doesnt mean they will tip well.

in fantasy baseball news, i dont think there is any trade i can make that i can live with to acquire david wright. i just offered paul konerko for wright straight up. and i dont think i can offer any more than that. and i am still part of the logjam of people between 6th and 2nd place that is seperated by about 3 points.

thats all for now. tune in next week. im gonna eat a whole planet.

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time to call noah [28 Jun 2006|05:13pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

so i dont have work today due to the rains that have caused flooding in a lot of areas. in fact, there was an article on the front page of yahoo about it.


awesome huh?

i shaved my goatee back to what it used to be. no more connectors or stache. it looks like im 18 years old again now haha.

netflix sent me a cracked dvd which makes me angry cuz i wanted to watch it last night when i discovered it was cracked. grrr.

i started reading the lord of the rings books. i dont think i mentioned that in here before, i think i was talking to someone and thats when i typed it. im not sure. anyways, it will probably take me a long time to get through them. so far i am at the part where they are about to leave the shire. ha.

just watched some baseball, and the braves fucking lost again. awesome.

the NBA draft is tonight. i really dont have much interest in that. i will just read about it tomorrow. although it will be interesting to see if gerry macnamara gets drafted. and if he does, i suspect the whole area will be in love with whatever team he goes to. so i hope its not my team for that reason. although we dont really ahve an outside shooter since we traded peja in the middle of the year. but hes a free agent now. maybe he will come back?

i guess thats all for now. im gonna eat shortly and like it cuz im starving like a hostage. yeah.

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5 months and counting [21 Jun 2006|01:45pm]
[ mood | calm ]

5 more to go til things go back to normal. which means 7 are now done. its good.

the joe wilson cd is amazing. why i waited so long to get it is beyond any reason i can think of.

the carolina hurricanes won the stanley cup. the greatest moment in all of sports. id love to hold that trophy just once.

the miami heat won the nba title. its nice to see alonzo mourning and gary payton win a ring. plus i like shaq now that hes not a laker and i think the whole world is in love with dwayne wade. im not a big pro hoops guy, but these were some good fucking playoff games. fo shizzle. ha.

i think the only reason im updating now is because another month is over and gone. if you arent doing anything tonight come visit me at work. k? awesome.

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let me see ya dance sucka you got nothin on me [17 Jun 2006|11:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

this is out of sheer boredom and the fact i havent really updated, aside from a rant, in about two weeks.

i know nobody cares about my fantasy baseball team, but i do. ive vaulted out of my cellar dwelling days (ok 6th out of 9 isnt the cellar, but its close) and ive steadily risen into second place. but there is a logjam with about 3 or 4 teams seperated by about 5 points so we all kind of bounce around. but im near the top now. and the fact the angels just decided to send jered weaver back to triple a doesnt make me happy. but if you think im gonna cut him, you are crazy.

ok enough fantasy baseball. i got some more community service done and i think i have 112 hours left. so i have 38 done. not too shabby.

its the middle of june, and aside from today, it hasnt felt that way. at least temperature wise. and i am NOT complaining.

netflix has become a great friend of mine. i really truly like it. a lot.

ok, nothin else to say really. still nothin to do thoough. and this only took what, 5 minutes? ugh.

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so i guess [07 Jun 2006|12:35am]
[ mood | calm ]

today i realized that i havent written anything in quite some time. not so much a journal entry that might spark some interest to anyone who reads it, but something of substance. i havent written one of my usual stories about anything. and that bothers me. hopefully i will be inspired by something soon and an article will just come out of me.

until then, i got nothin. its a week into june and i am now 5 1/2 months away from going back to what should be a normal lifestyle. i went to the bank today and handed over a nice wad of cash for deposit. now i know i have a more than decent amount of cash in my account.

i signed up for netflix recently and watched my first two movies, Grandma's Boy and Fun With Dick and Jane. i just finished watching the latter with tiff. i also saw X-Men 3 The Last Stand the other night via DVD that i got somehow from someone. i was pretty pumped i got to see it because i was dying to and i knew i couldnt go to the theater. so that made me happy. but with netflix, if anyone wants to suggest me some movies to get, by all means lemme know. cuz i can always use more movies.

kleeb came over the other day and brought with him the lord of the rings books. guess i have something to read now. should keep me busy for awhile.

im kinda tired, and kinda warm. not hot, just...warm. eh.

my journal entries rule.

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dont this shit make a nigga wanna jump [30 May 2006|02:01pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

so all i want to do is put money into an account on pokerstars. thats all really. so i try to use my card, and my bank wont allow it. so then i decide to try a different way and open an account online with neteller which will take it from my account just like my card would, but it will go into a general online account instead of towards internet gambling. but i cant find my routing number on my bank statement and since i have a check card and not paper checks, i dont know what to do. so i decide to call my bank only my banks number is not in the phone book. what kind of crap is this? ugh. people should die.

so memorial day huh? joy. actually it wasnt bad. cookout with the fam. played some lawn darts. ha. how long ago were those things banned? i never used them before but i did pretty damn good. figures they are banned. um...

played some poker the other night but didnt get as many people to play as i had hoped. i didnt win any money either. blah.

jim kleeb and kelsey came over the other night too which was cool cuz i hadnt really seen any of them in awhile especially kelsey.

people should come over tonight or something. yeah. i think so.

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fuht the wuck [25 May 2006|01:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

10 days since ive updated solely because i just have nothing to say.

tiff is home now, she stopped by work tonight which made me pretty damn happy.

fantasy baseball update.....cole hamels is DL'd but my DL slots are both currently filled with rich harden and eric gagne. gagne should be back soon, so i guess i could just hold onto hamels until then...yeah. i also just accepted a trade offer. im giving up kevin mench for brad lidge and gary sheffield. i have to drop someone due to the 2 for 1 so i decided to drop joe crede. sheff has that whole wrist injury, but lidge will help me plus i wasnt using mench since i have crawford, berkman, podsednik and dye vying for my 3 OF spots.

its summertime and people should come hang out with me. people who are home from school. seriously. i dont work tomorrow, come on over.

i kinda think i wanted to talk about something in here, but im tired and i cant remember what it was.

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what i think im thinking [15 May 2006|02:36pm]
[ mood | okay ]

i have terrible luck in fantasy baseball. although scott podsednik hitting a home run for me today rules so hard.

in real baseball my braves are struggling. one day they look great, the next they look like shit. at least they are consistent being inconsistent.

the taking back sunday single "make damn sure" is in my head all the time. literally. all the time. maybe i should get the cd to see what its all about.

i almost quit damons the other day. almost walked out during my shift. i was certain i would quit in a day or two but then i did a 180 and i guess im back being content. i guess making close to 200 dollars in 2 days will do that.

i am just about over the hump in my yearlong removal from a normal life. hopefully the fact that school is over now will mean more visits from people who have just come home or who are here but were busy with school. that should make the summer go by faster.

survivor has just ended which makes me sad. aras, not terry, won and that made me sad. the amazing race culminates on wednesday and hopefully bj and tyler win. the oc ends thursday. lost ends this week too i think. or maybe next week. but the other shows i watch havent been on recently. so, looks like i might not have any shows to watch.

two saturdays into community service i am beginning to see how easy it will be to chip away at my hours. i put in 10-12 hours the last two saturdays which means i am about 10% done with it already. it could go by quick.

yogi berraisms will always make me smile. im glad aflac is playing that commercial with yogi in the barber shop again.

i need new pictures for myspace, but since i cannot go out i cant get any good ones. i can only take so many by myself of practically the same angle since my camera does not have a timer....or at least one that i know of.

i really want to have a poker night at my house soon. im itching to play a live game. the internet just doesnt do it for me anymore. unless im playing for money, but i dont know how to put money into an account on there because my bank wont allow me to use my card for internet gambling. ugh.

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nothing new [10 May 2006|04:54am]
[ mood | bored ]

i havent even been on this site in about 4 days let alone make an entry. ugh.

my fantasy baseball team has shit the bed, so i did a roster overhaul. hopefully some improvements will come from that. i got a trade offer today. i was offered chad tracy and jeremy bonderman for carl crawford. i picked crawford 1st in the draft. although he is still struggling, im not sure im ready to give up on my first overall pick just yet.

i got some visitors the other night. ashlee, morgan and chase came over. it was nice. makes me happy when people come over.

i did some more community service saturday. it wasnt bad at all. and apparently, i can go back every saturday morning. so im going to do that and by the time im free again i should have about 90% of my community service done. that would make me feel pretty good.

i am also close to paying off a good portion of my fines and crap. that will also feel good.

come visit me at work tomorrow. or come over. or something. gosh.

EDIT!!!! wtf is wrong with the clock on my entries? it isnt 5 am. wtf?

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